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Nice people. Good pie.

Yesterday, while driving on a Sunday and in no hurry to get anywhere, my mind wandered to a cross-country move back home to Maine from Wyoming about 5 years ago. With all my belonging strapped to the roof, 2 dogs in a folded down backseat surrounded by blankets and pillows, and my mother in the passenger seat to keep me company (she had flown out special for this escapade), all was set in motion. Home. It was a bit of a double-edger for me. I loved Jackson. I loved my family more. At that particular time my sister was gearing up for a wedding and wanted her one and only sister as her one and only bridesmaid so my return to Maine was required and desired. We stopped for food, sleep and sight seeing as we saw fit. We even stopped at one point and sent the dogs up on the car lift for a tire repair while we snagged a bite to eat… I’m pretty sure that was in Fargo, North Dakota. Nice people. Good pie. There were tumble weeds and impromptu dog swims in Lake Michigan. There were meals out of cans for lack of better options and a honeymoon suite complete with hot tub in Buffalo since it was the only room available after 5 previous “no vacancy” signs. We were┬áin a hurry, for what reason I can’t remember now. What I do know is the following: Some days I miss Jackson, it was a beautiful wedding and that trip with my mom will forever be cherished.


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