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Picking away.

On Sunday I spent the morning at Butternut Farm in Farmington, New Hampshire with two wonderful friends and their little ones. Blueberries, peaches, plums and apples are all in season right now and the picking is great!




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A few of the ladies in my knitting group at the Seed & Bean¬†in Kennebunk have suggested I start blogging again and who am I to disappoint! Besides, my dad will be happy with the updates since I know he has always been one of my lone readers! ¬†Therefore I’ve decided to share a story involving him today… For as long as I can remember my family has been going to our “camp” on Raymond Pond. Why the quotation marks? Because people from outside of Maine always think my family ran a summer camp complete with hundreds of kids running around, singing, swimming and crafting all summer when, in fact, if we Mainer’s use the term “camp” we are simply referring to a cottage or a hunting camp. Small. Quaint. No singing before dinner (unless you want). With that said, I love camp. Even more than I love sugary sweets, although my belly may disagree. I spent day after day of my childhood swimming, floating, splashing and looking for trouble on Raymond Pond. I think the earliest I ever dared to dunk was April 1st and the latest was probably in early October. I was a water bug. At night my mother and father would always demand that my hair be dry so as not to get a stiff neck (not just a wives’ tale!). What you need to know now is that there is nothing I like more than getting my hair blown dry. Well, that is if you take away camp and sugary sweets of course! So, I would, whenever possible, take a late evening swim knowing full well that one of my parents would take on the challenge of drying the tangled mess on my head. My hair is thick and takes a long time to dry (insert snickering here). Now that I’m all grown up and have to dry my own hair it has become a chore. Every once in a while I can talk my husband into it but the sigh that comes along with it makes it a little less enjoyable! The lesson of this story, soak everything you love in deep so it takes more time to dry out.

A gaggle of geese on Raymond Pond

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