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Happy belated…

Valentine’s Day and Snow Day!

These cookies were sent all the way to North Carolina!

Big beautiful snow flakes... not quite as much as they had predicted... again.


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I’m on a roll…

on catching up!

After the wedding Jon and I built a hearth and bought and installed (with the help of a friend) a Jotul woodstove. We expect it to pay for itself either by the end of next winter or the following fall. It’s been keeping the house more than toasty and was an excellent choice! Due to the radiant floor heat not working as well as we had hoped with the solar hot water system we were spending an awful lot of money on propane. This winter we have only used 50 gallons total as of last week, compared to the 80 gallons every 3 to 4 weeks last winter!

Barley lounging around near the woodstove.

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Food & Fancies.

Headed to Buck’s Naked BBQ in Freeport last night to have dinner with my sister and her hubby. I can’t get enough of those fried pickles! Definitely the best BBQ around… sorry Dad, yours is a close 2nd! We were also able to actually make it through the aisle’s at Whole Foods for once because it wasn’t as busy as usual. They even had chocolate bacon, talk about celebrating Valentine’s Day in style! Although tempting, we stuck to our usual maple rub! No wonder I can’t lose any weight.

As for craftier things… this Christmas my mother bought my sister and I both Bernina 230 sewing machines. We were both equally excited and have been trying our feet at the new pedals! I found a purse pattern that I absolutely LOVE and have been making them as gifts for friends. ┬áThe pattern is free courtesy of “Made by Rae” and is called the Buttercup Bag. I think I am going to purchase the pattern so I have the right to sell them… they are that fabulous! Here are some pictures:

Jon and I are taking the dogs on an adventure today, which will hopefully include finding some used sugarin’ buckets for a good deal! We’re gearing up to double our operation this year, which means tapping 20 trees. Yummy syrup!

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More Catching Up

The long driveway here on Shady Lane requires serious plowing… plowing that, in the past, has caused many a kicked tire and swearing. Our Sam’s Club special plow was just not cutting it any more and either was “Big Red.” So, Craig’s List took care of her kindly and she is now off on a farm serving a purpose all her own. Farewell “Big Red!”

After one of the 2009 ice storms.

We now have “Big Blue,” which is a whole new monster complete with a whole new set of complaints and cussing. If only our little Honda could dig in and do the work (sigh).

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Wedded Bliss

On October 3rd Jon and I got hitched. It rained and rained… and rained some more but that didn’t slow anything down a bit! I was told that rain is good luck on your wedding day, although that was probably made up by some father 100 years ago while trying to convince his daughter that her wedding day would not be ruined by rain! Here are some of my favorite photos of the day.

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