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Well, we’ve been busy here on Shady Lane the last couple of weeks.  Now that the snow has melted there are numerous things to be done.  Since the weather has been cooperative as of late we’ve been out and about puttering in the yard.  This past weekend the railings on the front porch got stained white and some of the latticework has gone up around the porch itself. The lawn has been raked and “aerated” and now it looks like there are thousands of little dog turds all over the lawn.  I’m told that they will go away with time and rain and I guess we’ll find out within the next couple of days because Mother Nature is ready to take a long shower. We also moved the quonset hut to a new location with Ray’s tractor which turned out to be quite a show. Hey, it beat taking it apart and putting it together again!


I am pretty sure that there are multiple "you might be a redneck" jokes that could accompany this picture!

I'm pretty sure there are multiple "you might be a redneck" jokes that could accompany this picture!


We held somewhat of an impromptu Easter Sunday at our house. By the time dinner rolled around there were 14 of us total and enough food for more! It was our first hosting of a holiday meal and all in all it went over fairly smooth with a few minor exceptions like tables and chairs.  We ended up bringing in our outdoor furniture to complete the posh dining set-up. I’ll leave you with a cheery parting photo….

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!


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Diggin’ On James Brown.

On Friday night Jon and I accompanied my sister, her hubby and a friend to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom  in New Hampshire to kick it a bit old school with Tower of Power.  For those of you who haven’t witnessed these guys in person, it is well worth it.  Even if, for some strange reason you can’t get into the music, you could spend the entire evening people watching and leave wanting more.  It was great to have more house guests and Saturday morning Jon spoiled us all with a pancake breakfast, complete with our own homemade maple syrup.  The rest of the weekend was spent running errands and planning the vegetable garden and foundation landscaping.  We’ve also decided to up the ante and try our hand with a few apple trees on the old wooded road that runs behind our house. It’s already cleared and gets sunlight so we’ve decided on two trees to start; freedom and liberty. Quite patriotic, eh? I guess it’s our version of flying a flag.  It just so happens that they are two of the species that are hardy enough for our zone, are more disease resistant and suit our cooking and baking needs. Apparently apple trees are a hot item this year so we have to claim ours long in advance. Oh, and breaking news…. Jon is going to start eating salad this week!!!

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Not bad for first timers!

Spring of 2009 yielded quite a bit of maple syrup in our household. Have yourself a look…


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When Mr. Biddle’s was sick we did still escape the house for a few hours for Maine Maple Sunday. It was, of course, a disaster when we returned home to find him in such despair. We went to a few different places to see how the “pros” do it. It was a beautiful sunny day and therefore the places were mobbed with families. Even our family…


The big rigs were impressive compared to our make-shift turkey fryer sap boiler…


However, after tasting syrup from all these places, we still think ours is by far the best! 

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